Not able to click through hidden elements in design builder

how do i click through hidden elements in the design builder like we used to be able to.

with the responsive engine update, when you have an element, you cant see it, but you also cant click on the elements behind it, because the hidden element is in front. is there a setting we can change to make it function like before?

i think i just answered my own question. if i “collaps when hidden”, it will collaps in the builder, as well as when viewing the app. so i guess if there is something i dont want to collaps in my app, but i want it out of my way while building, i can just temporarily collapse it.

Noticed the exact same issue… and it doesn’t look like its an intended behavior at all.

Makes no sense that hidding elements from the tree would stop you from clicking on visible elements in the builder… this makes working with single page apps super frustrating…

Can anybody at Bubble confirm please?