Not able to fetch selective information from DataBase

Hi Guys, I am not able to fetch selective information from database, example I have an Event data type linked to Sessions & Speakers a separate datatype . I am not able to populate the session and speakers information to for a specific event. Instead No matter what event I select, It shows full list of Sessions and Speakers.

Please advise.

From reading, I think you’re asking how to display information of your speakers and sessions correct? If so, you would need to create a repeating group, then select your data type, in your data source do a search for… then in the repeating group create a text element, Current Cell’s…

@johnny Thank you so much for the response. Yes, I am already using repeating group and all text and image elements. I can see the information. But not the way I want it.

Example - When you login in to my app you as admin can see all the events created by you. But when you see the session or speakers, you see all the speakers and session from the database instead of that one particular event. Please assist

Have you added constraints to the search? Narrowing down the search to the speakers and sessions you want?

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Yes my friend I tried constrains, but some how the logic is not working

Hi @johnny It worked. The issues was with repeating group conditioning itself. Thank you for your help.


Hi @m.pulkitmadan !

Im passing through the same problem…could you help me!?
What expression did you use?


Hi @dreuxgabriel sure. I added Current page to the constrains to fetch data. For me page data type was event. So I passed values saying current page event.

let me know if it works

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yes its working now!! much thanks!!! @m.pulkitmadan