Not able to pass data from RG resuable element to popup

Hello All,

I have a setup where I have an RG along with a reusable element that acts as a sub-menu for each row of the RG. I want to pass data to a pop-up when the reusable menu is clicked. I have tried all sorts of options but the parent group always returns empty data.

Highlighted Table Menu is the reusable element

Can you give me access to the editor?

How can I share the access, I’m on a lower bubble app plan?

Make changes here. But set it to Every one can edit.

Perfect, thank you for the direction.
Here you go - RG reusable sample | Bubble Editor

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It’s fixed, now you can check. :smiley:

For popup type was not specified, data was not passed correctly between subhierarchies. :female_detective:

Do not forget make this topic solved. :heavy_check_mark:

Wow, this is great. Can you please highlight the issues, need to learn what exactly I missed. This is will be really helpful. Thanks a lot :pray:

Yes, Sure.

You had gone the right way, but you had not specified the data type of the pop-up, so it did not accept the data.
On the other hand, the group used for clicking also did not get the data from its parent and was actually empty.
But the method was completely correct and excellent.

Excellent. Thank you very much. It was such a silly mistake but your expertise caught it. Splendid, mesmerized by the support.

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No, there will be many of these distractions for everyone. :sweat_smile:

You’re welcome.