Not able to select content inside repeating group

I have no idea if this is in the correct cateory…apologies if it’s not.

Why can I not select the content inside this repeating group?

Everytime I try to click it…it just reverts to selecting the repeating group element.

I’ve tried arranging it to the front but that doesn’t seem to help.

I’m on my phone and didn’t look at your video, but I’m 99% sure your content isn’t inside of your repeating group. Your RG is likely on top.

Check out the element’s parent /child to confirm my assumption. It’s happened to me before!

That does look strange. Have you tried this:
Select the group “contact details”, then edit > cut.
Then select back into the RG, and paste it back in.

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THank you !!
I think the problem was because the element was slightly outside of the RG on the right hand side.
Picky software huh?? lol
Glad it’s resolved. Thx again.