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Not all Data Fields Available

I have a data type with several data fields on it

Values are not getting returned as expected and in testing using the inspector tool it seems like the app is not communicating with the database properly as not all data fields are available

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 4.50.00 PM

FYI There are NO Privacy Rules on this data type…and if there were the inspector would show red alert indicating that the fields are not available because of privacy settings.

You aren’t the only one questioning this recently…

Might be worth a bug report to see what Bubble support has to say about it.

I did end up filing a report. No response yet, but that is not expected this quickly.

What is strange too, is that the issue has resolved itself.

@boston85719 do you mind please replying here when you do hear back? thanks

I won’t be hearing back. The issue resolved itself and I notified Bubble of the situation. I do not think they will be performing an bug investigation since it has resolved on its own.

Oh I see. When you said resolved itself for some reason I was thinking that you were referring to the bug report and bubble marked it as resolved. Not sure why I was thinking that as obviously what you meant makes much more sense. Thanks

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