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I have created a search form on the home page of my site.

I would like that when a search is made that the results are displayed on the home page. So far, no problem.

But how can I make sure that the search results section is not visible when I don’t do a search ?

This is my page :

Thank you

Make your RG not visible on page load. And in conditional set something like “This RG’s list of results:count>0” - make visible.

Is it correct ?

Test it and check the results :slight_smile:

It’s not working.

This is my workflow :

Thank you for your help. I’m new on Bubble…

So in your screenshot RG is not visible. An it will appear only when you’ll hit search button (if any results will be found). Isn’t that what you’ve tried to achieve?

Yes, I have tried but no results are visible even though it should show them.

I would also like the blank section not to be displayed but to appear only when you press the search button.

you’ve forgot to add “what” to change" after “when” in your conditional:
Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 12.04.09

When I do that :

I have all the result with make a search on my homepage :

As I can see - your search should trigger only when end user clicks on search button. Do you you have any default “do a search” for your RG Activity (appearance tab)?

No I don’t have it.

How to do that ?

Show what do you have in appearance tab of you rg

I have that :

This is a group Tours Search. I need to see your Repeating Group Activity default data search

What do you have in “search for activitys”?

So, you have “ignore empty constraints” in a default RG search. It means that if the user hasn’t chosen any filter/constraint - al items will be returned (check the manual).

That’s why you have this:

Thank you !

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