Not found: Created By

Anyone experience a not found: Created By error? All of a sudden I have a slew of them. Did Bubble remove/rename this option or something?

Just out of curiosity is there a :each item's Creator (or Created by)? Otherwise this would be a bug if it just popped up for you randomly. By any chance are you on the new experimental feature today for better app editor performance?

Yes, we have just had a load of issues appear as it looked like created by has disappeared?!!!

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Thanks for flagging! Our engineering team has identified the issue and a fix should be out shortly.

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Hi @tylerboodman! Only an each item’s Creation date. According to support this issue is widespread and they’re working on it.

EDIT: see above haha.

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Great to hear, @Andrew.Vernon! Appreciate your promptness.

The fix is live. Please be aware you may need to refresh and click at least one of the issues for it to resolve itself.

Thanks again for flagging and apologies for any inconvenience.


Excellent- thanks again!

Yes, I have also noticed this error and also [not found: convert_to_list]

looking forward to the fix.

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Good to hear this was fixed. This was a really bad bug and I can’t believe it hit production. If the timing was a bit different, I would have been in a really difficult position as I was unable to publish live with the issues this regression caused.


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