Not Responsive- Can I block users from using it on mobile?

I built my platform over the last 18 months and as such have missed out on building it easily responsively with the updates in that period of time.
Is there a way to block the platform from being viewed on a tablet or a phone- where a message pops up saying that the mobile experience is still being worked on and in the meantime our demo is only availbale on desktops/laptops? it should also stop them from browsing. I really need this as the mobile version looks shocking and I do not have the necessary skill to fix it.

Yep! Go through and set mobile mode for each page - create a new page called mobile for this purpose. Here’s a GIF walking you through it:

CleanShot 2023-07-13 at 15.18.08

If a user accesses the application from a phone, it’ll display that page instead. We have it display this message for our non-responsive applications:

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This is exactly what I was looking for . Thank you so much @nsykes you have saved me so much time. I couldn’t work this one out myself. Thanks again, I really appreciate you taking time out to respond to the post and share the solution.