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[Not solved] [Workaround] How can I identify purchases based on Stripe Event's?

The way my app is setup, I currently have 6 different stripe subscriptions available. Every time a user is charged, I need to identify what they purchased and create the respective package (a thing in the database). Currently I identify which package to create based on the price when i get a sucessful.charge webhook from stripe., the system just checks the stripe amount against the database to see what it should create.

My problem is, what if i apply a discount/coupon? the price will be unrecognized and the package will not generate.

As far as I know this is the only data I can pull from a stripe event in bubble:

Customer ID
Amount Failure Message

Any ideas as to how I can identify what was purchased other than price?

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Hi Alex, were you able to figure this out? If so, please share

Hi @ppadooru unfortunately I was not able to find a true solution. Keep in mind that these problems only apply to subscriptions because the purchases don’t happen on the application side, only on stripes side. For one time purchases it was not an issue. Here are two possible workarounds:

  1. Create item configurations that take into account every possible price that could be possible when factoring a discount. I did this for awhile, but I don’t like it because its too time consuming and will not work because I’m not extending my platform to other users.

  2. Don’t use stripe to process subscriptions. Instead create an in-house solution. This is what I’m currently working on, and it seems completely possible, i have other things to fix first, but its on my to-do list. I’m still using stripe to process the purchase, but ill be using bubble to make it reoccurring.