Not sure about the feasibility

Hello Bubble and Bubblers!

I have a quick question about the feasibility to use only one text component in the following use case :

The text component contains a 1st string (always the same) and I need to append a second string depending on some conditions (so several 2nd string possible).

I didn’t find a way to built a text field using string1:append<2nd string based on conditions> using one and only one text component.

Is it something achievable or do I have to use either several text components (hidden/displayed depending on the conditions check), or either a hidden variable?

Many thanks and good day to all!

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OK guys, I was not correctly awaken this morning. Sorry for this dumb question!

I have to use the conditional panel of the text component, to modify this text’s text.

Ok ok… Sorry :pray:t2: :smile:

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Conditions are usually a solution for things like this, but very easy to forget!

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