(Not Sure) Bubble Survey keeps popping up


So I was going onto bubble to work on a website. When I logged in, I was brought to a survey which has 8 questions. I answered it, being truthful, and pressing SUBMIT. I did that, and it said “You may not use this app until you refresh this page!” I did that, and it re-opened the survey. I press CLOSE, though it happens again. I can not use bubble.

I am not sure if this is a bug, but I can not use bubble.

@redmcbuisness Survey was not meant to be annoying :flushed: We are looking into this now.

I never did mean that it was annoying. It just keeps popping up for me. I could send proof if need be.

Looks fixed in our testing. Please send gif/video to support@bubble.is if you are still running into issues in case there is a step missing in our test.

I was having the same problem, but I did not have a survey.

I cant create a new app or delete it or make a copy of one.

Yep. I’m now having this issue. No survey now, but now I cant create a new thing.

Same issue. Losing business as we speak.

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