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Not sure how to structure my database for this scenario

I’m having some difficulty in structuring my database for the following scenario, possibly because I don’t fully understand how to ‘link’ two different ‘things’ between two different tables together. Perhaps I can get some guidance on this:

I have a form I have prepared and users log in and complete this (the table for this form is called Form A), the fields are usually rich text editors as they contain lots of text. Some of the fields on this form can be pre-filled which means that I have created responses that users can select via a repeating group, and click a button so that the contents of this pre-filled cell shows in the corresponding RTE (I’m yet to build this in the design interface). I need to structure the database first.

An example of this is when the user needs to add any medical conditions they have - they can either manually enter, or choose from a selection via a RG.

Option 1
I thought it would be useful to have a separate table (called Pre-Filled Data) and the fields within this table to reference the fields on the form that have pre-filled options - e.g. a typical field might be called "Pre-filled data for Form A, field past medical conditions’

Option 2
Alternatively, I thought about creating a new field in Form A and adding in the pre-filled options there instead. So a the field above (‘pre-filled data form Form A, field past medical condition’) would just be in Form A, and not its own table.

What’s the best practice for this scenario, but also what will work so I can pull this data via RG too as I need to display these option to the user via RG with a button (and not a drop down list)