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Not sure if I have a bug or not

Hey there

I have a repeating group with a workflow set-up so if you click the title at the top of a column, it then clears the list and displays the data sorting it via that column’s content… however for some reason it’s working the first time you click it, and then if you click another column title, nothing happens. Not sure if I somehow have competing workflows or there’s a bug.

Would anyone mind taking a look?


How are we expected to?

Indeed, if you want some help debugging, you will need to share more. What have you tried, what happened, your RG structure, what search it is…

Nonetheless, here are my tips:

  1. Do some Rubber Duck Debugging (link). It gets even better if you record yourself (I use Loom).
  2. use the Bubble debugger is Step-by-step mode. What happens when you click the column header?
  3. use the inspector to check the search string that the RG is using.
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Haha I love the rubber duck method! I actually own one :slight_smile:
In debugger, literally nothing happens in step-by-step :frowning:
In inspect, it says it’s been modified by an action so the property isn’t applied

It looks like you would need to dive in to those buttons and see why nothing is happening. I often get myself so deep in conditionals that I tie myself in a knot. I hate it, but, it always helps to remove everything and start building it up again.

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