Notice quantity API Workflow not updating value

Hi Everyone,

I just filed a bug report with Bubble with my clients account but I thought I’d add a video here to explain the issue. @eve I’ve been experiencing really strange issues since the Cloudflare thing and it’s driving me nuts sometimes :frowning:

Have you checked your “Current User” is well the one you want ? if you check the Logs, with email do you read for this API Endpoint ?

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Yes it’s updating the user but it doesn’t make the calculation. Rather it only adds the new credit amount. That also happens when I do Current User’s credits + 1, it doesn’t add 1 but it puts 1 as a value.

Oops, I think the mistake here is that Current User is not possible. I’m checking again!

again, check the Logs to be sure. Or save the Current User’email in plain txt, and check your App Data. Then you’ll be sure your Current User has been well authentified

I found the issue. The current user doesn’t exist. Which is really strange but anyway. I did a search for the current user again and added up the credits

actually not, the API comes is made from CoinGate, not from your User. So “Current User” is empty.

I understand but I already did a search for a user. The conditional statement should then use Current Workflow User or Current User like with Events

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