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Notification sign problem

Hi all !
I’m almost done with my app on bubble which is great :wink:
I’m creating a kind of jobboard.
2 types of users :

  • Admin
  • Users
    Each users must select a “program” when sign up
    On the dashboard, admin can create new offer and select on which program the offer will be displayed.
    Now I’m working on a notification sign for user when a new offer is available, they get a notification sign accordiing to their program.
    I created a notification data type with a recipient field.
    Where i’m stuck is on the workflow, when i have to select the recipient to add a notification, I can’t select users according to their program (see attached).
    I tried 2 things and constraint, but it’s still in red :wink:
    Is it possible to notify user according to their program ? or am i missing something ?
    many thanks

    Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 13.09.31

Il manque “firts item” non ? Parce que ton “recipient” a l air d attendre un seul item et tu lui sers une liste

Edit : si tu veux creer plusieurs notifs, il te faut creer un api workflow que tu trigger avec “trigger api wf on a list”.

Si besoin on peut s appeler je t aide

I can’t speak french, but I did exactly the same.

I created notifications and then select the users which should get the notification. The solution are backend workflows.

You do the following:

  1. Create a backend workflow which creates the notification with one user
  2. Go to the workflow where the trigger for the notification happens (e.g. you enter a new program)
  3. Select “Schedule API Workflow on list” - there you can select exactly the user who should get the notification
  4. Enjoy

If you need more help, I’m happy to share some screenshots.

Many greetings.

I’ll check thanks :wink:

Je regarde ça merci :wink:

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you’ve helped by Multiple Sarahs haha

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Hi Sarah,
I will be working on this part during the week.
If you mind sharing your screen shot process, that would be very nice for me :wink:
Thanks !

There you go :wink: How to create notifications with - Biberei

How quick was that ? :wink: many thanks !

Glad it helped :wink:

@Sarah_Biberei Hi Sarah, thanks for the link you provided.
I’m just a bit confused regarding the last part of the article and which type of condition you are using to display the notification.
I follow step by step, but it seems that i’m stuck here.
Would you mind sharing some screenshot on this part ?
thanks !

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