Notification (the circle with number of unread) system


I have an app that lets 3 different categories of users create offers by providing their price quote, which in the end is gathered into 1 final offer document.

Now, in the page where the final offer is, I have a offer “chat” so they can communicate on each single offer. This works as I wanted.

To let the other users know one of the other users has commented in the chat on that specific offer/project I need to make a facebook looking red dot with a number inside that shows the other users that they have unread comments in the chat window, and again, this should be based on each offer/project. If they go to another offer with a unique chat they should get a unique notification indicator for that specific chat.

The one that creates the chat message should not get a +1 to notifications of course, but all the other users should.

I cant seem to figure this out by myself, so I humbly ask for help.

Wow, what a community!

I will take a deep look at this and come back to you :smiley:

Thanks you very much @duke.severn!

Hello, send me a PM. I can give you access to a private plugin which is pending to Bubble Approval to get published in the store.

I can give you access until then.


Your setup works like a charm @duke.severn! I got the notifications to also connect to the unique master offers, so it also works per project. Only thing I cant seem to get working is the “read” state of a notification. I have a button to open the chat popup, and I want the current user to have every notification “read” by opening the chat.

I followed your video and did this when the chat button is clicked, but it does not remove UnRead for the current user.

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Got it working by doing a list of notification connected to a master offer and this:

Thanks again for giving me guidance and the keys to unlock my brain some more :smiley:

No worries Kris, glad I could help. You can mark it as solved :slight_smile:

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