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Notifications from other apps and platforms

Hey, stuck figuring out if this is possible, I appreciate your help in advance.

Is there a way for a bubble app to access notifications from other apps on a mobile device?

For instance when I get an email or slack notification, can my bubble app know that there are notifications from slack and can I get the notifications content.?

Hey @fuhclifffuhche :wave:

Thanks for the post and interesting question. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of this sort of functionality and would be surprised if it existed because of the security risk it might imply. If other apps on my phone could access my notifications then none of that info is private.

If you’re looking to build an integration with Slack or other similar apps, I might recommend looking into Webhooks and Bubble’s API instead. They could basically accomplish something similar where an event taking place in slack could fire off a webhook to your Bubble app with information about what happened. This is a common integration and might support what you’re looking to build!

Definitely give webhooks a look and don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly with any additional questions at [email protected].

Thank you, that makes sense

Happy to help @fuhclifffuhche! And best of luck with getting this built out.

We’re here to help if anything else comes up → [email protected]