Notifications to a group of users

I am trying to create a notification flow where an admin inputs a comment and a notification is sent to a specific list of users.
I have completed all the steps except the recipient field expression will not resolve. Essentially users are members of a team and project and I only want these users to be notified that a new comment has been made on the project.
Can anyone help?
much appreciated

The red statement you made would result in a yes/no (depending on if the task’s members contains current user) so that’s why it’s red.

You would want to put that state on the “Only when” spot if you want to put a conditional on that action.

If it’s a list of users you want notified you would need to do a backend workflow and make make a notification per user. Probably the easiest way is create a new backend workflow with a parameter type User (list). Then on the admin side do “Schedule a workflow on a list” and schedule your newly created workflow.

I made a small example on my test app tylerboodman-test-app | Bubble Editor
Check the workflow on the submit button, and in the backend it schedules the orange workflow.

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