Notifications when someone is running out of interview


I am currently trying to build a new app where I can have total control on my candidates interviews and stages. Such as candidate is on these stages and on 3 interviews.

But what I am trying to do is getting emails an notifications when a candidate is not going on interviews… Getting emails like hey, nothing is going on with this person. Can you explain it step by step? Thanks

Can you please explain in more detail what you are trying to do?

What I am trying to do is trigger events when a candidate is having less than certain amount if interviews
Ex: Vivek will interview with Lifion on sep 15th
Vivek will interview with Google on sep 15th

Then when I go to the Vivek’s profile I will be able to see the amount of interviews that he is currently on. Such as 2 interview now

And finally when the interview day is don (next day) get an email saying like… You candidate Vivek is running out of interviews. Do you want to submit him to another company?

That’s all I have to say. Thank you very much for your help!


You can achieve this by scheduling an API workflow that can send the email and the notification. This API can be scheduled to run on the day after the interview date. The way to do this is to schedule the API workflow at the time the interview is created. Hope this makes sense.

Hi, thanks for responding. Can you please explain it better step by step?
Thank you very much


Sorry I was tied up over the last couple of days.

Create an API workflow that can send an email.

Then in the workflow that you are creating the interview, add a step to schedule this API workflow and in time add the interview’s date (+days) 1. This will schedule the email the next day after the interview.

Hope this helps.



Hi Anil

Thanks for responding, unfortunately, I don’t understand… I am new to this and I’ve been watching youtube videos, reading the manual and still not getting it. Can you please send it even more specify like… click here, click there type this or that.

Thank you very much for your help


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