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Notifications with filter not working as I would expect

I’ve been messing with this for hours and have tried doing the “List to run on” in many different ways. I have no idea why it’s not working.

I’ve tried removing the “Only when” to see if that was the issue, but it still does not work.

Is there a reason the “List to run on” would not work as is? I need it to only run on people who are invited to the event. There is a Field on the “Events” Data type called “People_invited”. I’ve confirmed the users I would expect to get notifications are listed for this event.

Any thought? @mikeloc @adamhholmes

I can’t see anything obvious… but when you say it’s not working, which part isn’t working?

if I were you I’d try to identify where the problem lies using the server logs…

Is the API workflow itself running, and just certain actions within it aren’t working?

Or is the API workflow itself not being triggered at all?

And if not, is the workflow that’s triggering it running correctly?

Once you know where the issue lies you can start to take steps to correct it.

On a side note (I doubt this has anything to do with the workflow not running, but just from a point of simplicity), there’s no need to do a search for events using unique ID in your list to run on if you’ve already modified that Event in the same workflow - you can just refer directly to that event in the list to run on, i.e. List To Run On: Results of step 1 (make changes to E...)s People_invited

Why instead of doing a search for, you don’t use Result of step one people_invited field?
Also, are you sure that privacy rule allow you to search for all other user? The ignore privacy rule will apply on the API workflow, but may not on the Schedule on a list itself. So the List to run on may not return all people. Did you try in step by step mode tu debug?

Yes, I’ve used the Debugger, and it shows it found the user. If it did not go through would it indicate that somehow? As far as I can tell it should have worked.

@adamhholmes, what I mean when I say it does not work is it should create a notification data entry for myself, since I’m the only user who are on People_invited for this event. It does not create the data entry.

I’ve not used the Server logs before, and when I go there it seems blank. I’ve tried changing the search peramaters but still nothing shows up.

Where else would I go to check privacy rules? On users “Find this is Searches” is checked for everyone else. Events has no privacy rules. Is there someplace else I should be looking?

Thank you on the suggestion for efficiancy. I made those changes you both suggested.

What I suggest you to do: First schedule the WF to run in 1min (or more)
Check all scheduled WF in scheduler (logs tab). You will be able to see on which user the WF have been scheduled (or not). If this part is working fine, you need to check in your Backend WF if there’s an issue. Logs like @adamhholmes suggest is the best way to investigate. You need to set the correct time period to check (so after the WF scheduled have run) and click on advanced. You will see more options and there’s one about backend WF scheduled that need to be checked. Click on search when it’s done

Thank you for your help. I finally figured it out, and of course it was user error. It had to do with a “<0” instead of is “0”.

On to my next problem. Trying to figure out why my Newsletter will send in Dev, but not in Live.