Notion-like UX + Generative AI using Bubble

Hi Bubblers!

I wonder if anybody has an idea of how to do a interface in Bubble? I want to add to my app a text editor that has a white canvas with solid background where you can write anything and by typing specific symbol like β€œ/” or selecting text you get a popup suggesting further actions. I will connect it to chatGPT through API (which seems to be not a big problem) , but is it possible that it automatically inserts the chatgpt response into the text field? I want the UX to be as much similar to Notion as possible.
Any ideas how to realise it or anyone has tried something similar?

Here is a short video of what I mean: Screen Recording 2023-07-17 at - Google Drive

Thanks a lot for everyone!

Hey Carbs,

Rico’s Rich text editor ( based on / using 🀌 Rich text editor with real-time collaboration (Tiptap) is quite flexible. You can for instance define your own menu that is shown when a user selects text and Tiptap is working on AI integration:

Maybe contact Rico to see what is possible?


That’s very interesting, I’ll certainly add to the backlog.


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