Now freelancers are available in reasonable price

Hello All,

We are 3 friends and startup own business. We all have 6+ years of industrial strong experience. Previously we have created many applications on bubble. If you need to show our portfolio then connect us on our skype that is We are very happy to help and support you . Our hourly rate is very reasonable that is $9.5/hour.

Also we are working on PHP, frameworks and CMS on PHP, Java, UI/UX .
Our designer have 9+ years experience and his hourly rate is 25$/hour.


Why do you not have a bubble-built portfolio site, or any other site, to show your work if you have a portfolio and you’ve built on Bubble? :thinking:

Put a little effort into gaining clients if you’re legit.


I have to agree, it would be reassuring to the community if you can post a few examples or case studies of Bubble sites you have built or even a portfolio of custom sites in another framework at the very least.

I say this with good intentions, but all of your posts on the forum has a spammy sales vibe and searching your email/username just brings up the same generic response across Bubble and Joomla forums.


Yes @Kfawcett, I am absolutely agreed with your comment “Why you not create your portfolio on bubble”. You will definitely my our portfolio on bubble.


I don’t think the grammar mistakes are making you seem real,. And you still haven’t provided a portfolio yet.