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Npm wrapping inside plugins

Can I just wrap npm package inside some custom plugin and use it features?

For instance, get some npm file import package and make it import data into RG/database?

Similarly take some npm file export package and make it export data from RG/database?

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You can do this with the sever side actions.


Thank you;

you mean after plugin creation or instead of custom plugin ?

I would also like to hear the difference between server-side actions and plugins. Are they the same but differ in re-usability/modularity? Inviting ‘Bubble plugin guru’ @vini_brito to the thread.

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Well, when building a plugin, you can use any npm package I believe. You just require() it

SErver Side Actions are 1 part of a plugin (if the plugin builder built one)

Yes, just like Jared said, you can create a server side action inside a plugin.
But not necessarily you will need to make it server side, sometimes what you want to run will work fine in a client side action.

You can imagine the plugin as the car and the workflow action as the car engine.

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