Number Formatting Problem

Hello beautiful Bubblers!

A small problem with my progress bar :cry:

I want to set the Percentage = Current User’s M1L1 divided by 3

(M1L1 is a variable that takes value 0 or 1 depending on if a student has completed module 1 lesson 1)

But it doesn’t recognised M1L1 as a number even when I select “formatted as a number”:


Any ideas how to fix?

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Here’s how M1L1 is configured FYI:


Hi there, @andrewmitson94… if I understand your setup correctly, I think you need to reference the Current User's M1L1's Value.

Hope this helps.


Hey Mike,

I tried that but it doesn’t come up:


Any ideas why I can’t choose value here?



So, M1L1 is its own data type, and it’s also a field in the User data type, right? What is field type of that field in the User data type?

Number I believe:


With M1L1 being a number, the Percentage field for the progress bar should take Current User's M1L1 / 3. The division operator is right there in your last screenshot. Select that operator and enter 3 after it.

The above being said, it’s a bit odd to me that M1L1 is both a custom data type and a field in the User data type. Is the field in the User data type supposed to be linked to a record in the custom data type?

BOOOM! Yes Mike, it’s workinggg :laughing:

Err not sure I understand what you mean but: every user has an M1L1, when they complete Module 1 Lesson 1 it should go from value 0 to 1. That’s all.

If there’s a way to simplify things would love to know :slight_smile:

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