Number of characters is not returning a number

I am going to send this to support right after I post this, but in the interest of sharing (and in case someone sees a quick reason why I am doing this wrong) I am going to post anyway.

The short of it is, the :number of characters operator doesn’t seem to be returning a number, but rather a text of that number, which makes it pretty useless.

I tried to do this:

Input A’s value:truncated to Input A’s value:number of characters - 1 basically trying to remove the last character of a value. It doesn’t work. When I click to the right of :number of characters I should get the standard number type operators, but I don’t.


I have an example right here

and the edit page is right here

Before filing a bug report make sure to check the manual to ensure this isn’t by design.
I haven’t checked this but I know for a fact that when you call some functions on a date, for example :format, the result is no more a date but text. And this is by design.
It may be the case that this is also by design that’s why I say check the manual first. If it’s by design and you think it’s not desirable then you can make a feature request instead of a bug report.

Thanks, but the :formatted as X/X/XXX function for dates clearly says in the reference that it turns it into a text. The reference for :number of characters says it returns “the number of characters”.

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