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Good morning,
I am developing a solution for home management.
I have a pop-up that allows me to enter data such as date, day, etc.
I would like to enter data by room in the house. To be more efficient and allow more people to access this application, I would like the number and name of each room to be able to be linked to data that the user would otherwise enter.
For each room, I would like the user to indicate the condition of the walls, the condition of the floor, … I was thinking of using an imput slide for this.
Could someone help me and tell me how to hang up the number of slides attributed to the number and name of the user’s room.
Thank you so much

Hey, Julian

I don’t think I’ll give you a complete answer just because I might not have understood everything.

But what you’re talking about here is about Database Structure

You would have the following tables and fields:

  • Table House
    rooms (type: list of rooms, this is optional)
    (anything you’d like)

  • Table Room
    name (type text)
    number (type number)
    Walls condition (type number)
    floor condition (type number)
    Deleted (type yes/no, optional)
    House (type house)

Your popup should receive a data type House and when you open it you use the “display data in group/popup” action to send that House to the popup

inside your popup, you would have a button “add room”, that would create a new Room and show the sliders you mentioned. Every slider can be autobinding (easiest way).

Again, I hope this helps. But, if not, feel free to correct me if I didn’t understand it correctly.

Thanks Lucas

Sorry, i’m french and my translate is probably not really good.

Wouldn’t it be simpler if I created a “parameters” page in which the user would enter information about their house.

And in my pop up, use a repeating group (or the new table module) which would take the information from the parameter page and to which I would apply a slidebar opposite?

because once the house is created, it will be unusual to add a room but if it were necessary, it might be possible to do it instead in my parameter part?

I’m new to bubble, really sorry if I’m wrong.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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