(number ranges) What am i doing wrong 'ere?

Hi, i don’t know how to make something happen only when the number is between a certain range. What am i doing wrong?
Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 2.52.10 pm

edit: so for example, here i’m trying to get the text to be green if the users score is anywhere between 80 and 100 (e.g. 89). But i don’t know how i’m supposed to express that and it’s not working.

I would have thought this would work, but no
Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 3.04.39 pm

Hi there, @jessefarquhar48… the expression in your second screenshot looks like it should work. Are you able to use the debugger to see why the condition isn’t evaluating correctly?


Yep, It is working now, i just had some other conditions interfering with it.

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