Numeric default value problem in the API Call

Hey guys, i am trying to create a call to my api with some inputs. I have inputs like Max - Min values. But when i give some numeric data to api , i should /100 my input. Because of my API wants the data like

  • avgER:0.02532368168337582


But if i dont want to call any min or max value the data of these max and min inputs should be “” (empty).

But everytime i make a call, these all data fields must making a call again

so at the field i am /100 my min-max data, but if it is empty because of i want to make some math operation numeric value is turning to 0 in the call. But it should be “”(empty) and i am taking an error because of its empty.

So i want if it is empty inputs value will be “”(empty) , if its not empty imputs value will be /100 in the call.
Can anybody help please?

Okey guys i fixed it with like max-inputs value’s is 0 turn to text:
if its true: text: “”(empty)
if its false: max-inputs value /100

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