Numeric range overlaps with any from the list of numeric ranges

Hi Bubblers,
I am struggling days over few challenges, but the main one would be, how to check if my numeric_range overlaps with any from the other list of numeric ranges?
I just as a output want yes/no.
I would appreciate any hint.

to more complicate (I have RG A and nested RG B, and need to run previous calc for every item in the RG B to decide whether to show the item or not)…:frowning:

I cant believe that this is so complex, I am more to believe I am blind and new in bubble…

Hello! Comparing two lists can be a bit complicated; you might be able to get away with a dynamic expression like [list A]:intersect with [list B]'s count >0 as the expression for this.

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Thanks Eve…I will try definitely…am I looking at the moment to math.js if can help as well…

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