OAuth 2.0 Authentication Token Help

Hi @romanmg,

I’ve been doing your API training today, which is very informative and helpful. Congrats and thanks for making it available to the community!! :tada: :love_you_gesture:

I’ve been trying to take what I learnt to connect with Withings & pull in my weight. Here’s a link to their API documentation.

Here is a screenshot from my API call configuration in Bubble trying to perform the first step of "Getting your authentication code".

Would you be so kind to help me understand where I’m going wrong and what I need to do please?



P.S this is the error message I’m getting

Hi @jeremyjameslevy,

The targeted URL is invalid. You are currently referring to the documentation url not the API url.

The correct URL for authorize2 endpoint is the following : My account

You can find it on the right section of the documentation



Thanks Arhtur, I’ve updated the target URL to the above & get the following error…