Oauth workflow - google,linkedin

I would like to have the next workflow for signing up a user with oauth:

Press on Signup with Google - > sign user in with google oauth -> return to signup page -> signup stage B -> stage C ->…

This workflow is not happening at the moment because when i get redirected into login page from google i have a workflow that says go to page A if logged in.
Even when i disable that workflow i get redirected to the next page and do not continue the signup workflow.

I would also like to know how to update the signup method on click and extract data from the oauth accordingly.


You will need to have to workflow either a) take you to a specific page, and handle the transition from there or b) check the parameters that you are getting back from the Google oauth and use that to take you to the next page.

You can maybe also use a “sign-up step” field in the User datatype, set to 1 or A per default, and add a Workflow “if the user is logged in” and “Current User’s sign-up step is 1” do “what you have to do for the second sign-up step”.

How can i extract from the url that i was redirected successfully back from google oauth?

That seems like a workaround that could work but how can i access the google/linkedin account after authenticated?