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Oauth2 for Google Dialogflow

I’m very close integrating V2 of the Dialogflow authentication, however I’m running into some issues that might be my fault or a bubble bug. Hoping to see if anyone has some ideas.

Goal: GET detectIntent data from dialogflow.
Current Dialogflow plugin doesn’t have this feature, maybe because it requires Oauth2 to access it?

I have my API call set like this:

I have my nice page with a Button and a workflow for the login.

I can even authenticate and it returns to bubble.
However, bubble gives me the following error message:

Now, I can’t actually see much of what was received in terms of raw data but I did this:
I checked the “Token is returned as querystring” option in the Oauth2 Bubble Authentication section in the API Connector.

When I try to authenticate now, I can actually see the raw data that was returned, and interestingly my access_code is right there.

But Bubble, for some reason is unable to parse it.

As the image above shows, we are expecting access_token and we do receive that data.

Should I file a bug report or is there something I’m missing?

Are you done this? I need same thing

Yes, here is the easy solution: Buy the “Easy Google JWT” plugin and you’ll be ready to go right away.

Same error on my side. Any idea on how to fix it ?