Oauth2 User-Agent Flow google's Authentication how find URLs?


I am looking to implement on a website a way to create a datasheet from the google sheet API. To do this the user needs to login to his google account and so I need to use the special OAuth2 authentication. Here is my problem: I don’t know where to find the URLs Login dialog redirect, Access token endpoint and User profil endpoint. Can you help me to find them please?


Hey kazzmimouloud,

See the image below, these might be the ones you need. They are from the free plugin Google Drive Free from Zeroqode.

If you go to the plugin browser and then to the plugin page, there for the free plugins, you can often (if not always) see the plugin code:


Thanks for your response.

Know i can select gmail’s account thanks to you.

However i cannot sign in with, i have this alert message after pressing on continue : “API Connector error: the Oauth2 API test oauth is not configured properly - Could not find domain”.

Here my api connector’s parameters

I have 3 scopes, the sames that i selected on google console.
I asking me if i should add the API key maybe?