Object Details inside an Object

Well, in Bubble, a Thing (an object stored in the database) is represented by its unique ID. They are “the same” for all intents and purposes, because in most contexts Bubble converts a Unique ID to the rehydrated Bubble thing (which is a JavaScript object with various methods on it).

So you have two options in this case (AFAIAA):

  1. Having a UID and knowing the datatype, you can (as of only very recently) do a search for that datatype where the unique ID “is” some scalar value or “is in” some list value. This is free.

  2. Use the Floppy Rehydrate or Floppy Rehydrate SSA plugins (from my Floppy plugin) to reconstitute some UID (also knowing its type) back into its Bubble form. This is a paid plugin but you get way more from that and also ensure that I won’t suddenly show up in your dreams demanding your kidneys.

So, lots of ways to do this, only some of which involve dabbling in the occult.

A short discussion of Floppy Rehydrator appears here:

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