Odd behaviour, refresh repeating group

I have a repeating group that shows items that meets a criteria expressed in the “Data Source”, i have a workflow that makes an existing thing meet the criteria to qualify to appear in the list.

I know for sure that the workflow does the job, because when i refresh the page its in there, but before i do, nothing happens, and besides, other stuff on the page DO refresh automatically.

Any help?

share your editor pls

dont feel comfortable, any possibility it might be?

share it in private or wait for someone else to reply. I can have a look. Not so much experience to know a fix without seeing the issue. sorry

how do i share my editor in private? and how can i protect viewers from changing anything? worked too hard for it, don’t want to mess it up

Also, it will require logging in for previewing in run mode

go to settings, general, application rights >>>>> private.
Then share the link from editor in Private Message.
Also you can add a demo account.
Like demo@demo.com with same pass

Bubble is currently facing technical issues. What you are experiencing may or may not be related to it. Just wanted to mention it just so you don´t waste hours chasing something related to the issues.


Is it the same issue as beginning week or a new issue?

the issue dates on the status page are from today.

Is it the same issue here, where a member of a repeating group will just fail to populate? Been having this issue for weeks, very inconsistent, almost random. Only started happening a few weeks ago.

Yes me also! Yesterday I had some extremely odd behaviour in workflows not saving to the database. Even emails not sending with an error message.

I’ll see if they still exist today if not I’ll file bug reports.

I wasted a whole day yesterday chasing rainbows. Extremely frustrating.

I’m having same issue in reverse. User deletes item in repeating group, it is removed from the database, but still shows up in the UI until page is refreshed. UI used to dynamically update w/o requiring manual refresh.

@djwideman is it working now? because for me i still have the problem

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