Odd disabled input behaviour

I’m having an issue with a multiline input field that I can’t get my head around. It’s to do with the behaviour when the field is disabled.

My app has an RG that contains ‘Cards’, one field of which is ‘cardContent’. In the example below, I’ve set this to Card 1, Card 2 and Card 3.


When clicked, a popup opens, which shows another view of the card. When the popup opens, the cardContent is shown in a multiline input’s ‘initial content’.

This works fine while the field is not set to be disabled by default. Each card I open has the correct data shown in the multiline input.

As soon as I set the field to be disabled, I get the following behaviour. The first and second cards that I open from the RG are fine. When I open a third card, the multiline content is the content from the previous card I opened. It’s like it’s getting ‘stuck’ somehow.

I narrowed it down to the fault only happening when the field is disabled. To debug, I added another multiline input to the same group, which is not disabled, but which has exactly the same ‘initial content’ (the white section at the bottom of the card):

Result of opening the first card (all good, both fields match):

Result of opening Card 2 (all good again)

Result of opening Card 3 - the disabled multiline input shows the content for Card 2. The non-disabled input shows the correct data for the card (as does everything else on the popup, so it’s defo being passed the correct data when it opens).

Any other card i open after this continues to show the content for card 2.

Is there something I’m not understanding about how disabling fields should work? Seems really odd to me that I can have two fields in the same group, with the same data referenced, but which end up showing different data.

Hi there.

From what it looks, something maybe off during opening the pop-up. Since you’re working with parent’s group thing, there could be that you’re sending a wrong data value from RG to pop-up or setting a state with wrong data which is when populated on popup level from Card 2 instead of Card 3.

Check that you’re sending the correct data in wf to the popup and/or trying clearing out previous data that was sent to the popup when displaying data.
Also, a good way to debug workflows is to use Debugger. Add ?debug_mode=true or &debug_mode=true if you have more URL parameters.

Otherwise, post the wf steps from app editor to see how it is currently set. This way could be easier to help.

Can’t see anything odd in debug mode. Plus I’m pretty sure the RG is sending the right data as the rest of the fields on the popup all contain the correct data. And the bizarre thing I’ve stumbled upon is that if I add a second multiline input to the group, it contains the correct data.

I’ve reconstructed a basic version of the popup from scratch to try to pare the feature back to the basics and figure out what’s going wrong - I added a new control for opening the popup - this is the workflow:

  1. It sets a page-level custom state of type ‘card’ (the card that’s been opened)
  2. It uses the display data… to send details of the card to the popup element
  3. It shows the popup

As this issue only occurs on the third opening of a card, it’s probably worth seeing the actions for the ‘close’ control on the popup (i’ve set it not to allow close on escape/click outside)

close workflow

    • This clears the page level custom state
    • Then hides the popup

And as the issue only happens when I apply the conditional logic around whether the multiline input should be disabled or not, here’s the conditional setup:

The conditional logic is exactly the same on both of the multiline inputs I’ve added to the group.

This is the result when I open the third card:

All of the data is correct except on the 1st multiline input. Deleting the field that contains the wrong data in the editor doesn’t solve the issue, as presumably the ‘2nd’ field then becomes the ‘1st’, and picks up the error. Even if instead of deleting I just uncheck the ‘this element is visible on page load’, the strange behaviour moves over to the second field.

I’m very stumped about where I’m going wrong.

Probably a bug which shows up because of an abstraction layer of bubble when passing data.

Try using ‘reset group/popup’ when closing the popup. This might force bubble to remove the old data from the popup.

Thanks for the response.

I’ve just tried adding a reset action to both the popup and the group that contains the multiline inputs. No change in result unfortunately.

For anyone searching in future - I couldn’t find a fix for this. In the end I’ve had to leave both multiline inputs in place, but I’ve set one of them to 1px x 1px and set the opacity to 0%. Horrible hack, but it will have to do for now.

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