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Offering Coworking

I have a startup idea of a Real Estate platform in Germany. I look for someone in the US who is interested to work with me together.
My suggestion, you cover the US region and I cover the country of Germany.
Working together means programming the platform. I have already started with the design.

Hallo Wolfgang,

vielleicht sind unsere Tutorials und Youtube Videos auch interessant für dich. Findest du alles auf Die sind zwar alle in Englisch, aber wir sprechen (wie du siehst) auch deutsch :wink:

Wir sind eine der wenigen deutschen no-code Agenturen mit dem Fokus auf Bubble Applikationen.

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland.


Hello Sarah,

thank you for your message!

At the moment we don’t have needs for your services.

But we would be happy to address you if this changes.

Best Regards

I’m currently studying real estate and have been a bubble user for the last three years, I’m actually you’re neighbor from The Netherlands!

I’ve you’re interested for a chat, I’m available in my DM’s :slight_smile:


Dear Jack,

thank you very much for your message.

To replay to your message:
Since I am a little older than you, I look also for someone around my age.

Best Regards