Official Full OpenAI Integration

i have browse currently available OpenAI plugin in library, none of it support Fine-Tuning Models.
( Correct me if I am wrong )

Without fine-tuning models, what you can do with OpenAI plugin is quite limited
( just create a replica of many OpenAI linked Apps )

I really hope Dev can consider this integration ( I have looked at the OpenAI API documentation, is quite “simple” (but not for me) )

This will enable Bubble to reach next level of possibilities.

i have planning to use Fine-Tuning to create apps with serious productivity value.

  • Customer Agent
  • Sales/Marketing Agent
  • Marketing Writer


Have a look at mine:

See a tab fine-tuning

you can challenge me and ask for some more features


This is also a huge important to me. Im looking to have users utilize AI to ask questions on specific topics that will lead them down the path of either having their question anwsered or requesting additional support from our expert team.

Example: Question from a user - " What are the top ten system integrators SAP ERP? Answer - top 10 list then gets generated but now our AI can say…would you like to review an example projects related to ERP with SAP? What about Oracle?

Great Works!