Official stripe plugin customer creation

When I want to create a new Stripe customer with the Bubble Stripe plugin, it can only be done by connecting it to the Bubble User. In fact, the customer logic in Stripe allows companies to be seen as a “customer” as well, but this is not currently possible with the official plugin.

This is particularly necessary for apps that provide subscriptions to companies because people may want their accounts deleted or they may leave their jobs. In such a situation, deleting the user’s account becomes impossible because existing subscriptions would have to stop.

I’m not 100% sure, but creating a single “representative” user workaround for each company also doesn’t seem to work.

Is there a plan in the Bubble roadmap for this?

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I would suggest using the bubble API plugin and manually creating the workflows there since it gives a lot more flexibility.

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Yes, the only solution seems to be that. Thank you for your reply.

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The stripe SDK is pretty comprehensive but if you get stuck feel free to send me any questions.