Official SurveyJS plugin [beta testers callout]

Hi everyone - I’m soon launching an official SurveyJS plugin and am looking for a few beta testers to help me get it out.

Form builders & viewers are possible in Bubble, but they take a lot of work and are often lacking some of the finesse and features that customers expect in the age of Google Forms / Typeform etc.

SurveyJS solves that straight out of the box: a fully fledged form builder & viewer straight into you Bubble app.

I have been using it within Bubble for the past two years and it’s great, but it’s also pretty complex and expensive. This plugin will bring the core features of the framework but none of the complexity. Your subscription fee to this plugin will also cover your license fee to SurveyJS, so you won’t need to purchase that separately or pay full price as we have sorted a special deal for Bubblers.

Drop me a DM if you would be interested in three months free in return for helping me test a few things.


This sounds pretty sweet! I don’t have a project to test this with at the moment but know I’ll definitely be checking it out in the future. Excited to see a demo when ready :slight_smile:


I am interested in helping test it out. Any chance this also works with the Canvas framework by AirDev?

Hey @Angelo - afraid that I’m not up-to-speed on the possibilities / limitations of Canvas. If you’re able to bring plugins into your Canvas app then this will be no different. If you cannot, then this will not work either.

Drop me a DM with your app name (if you are able to use plugins) and I’ll set things up my side for you.

Hiya @exception-rambler. How is/did this go?

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Hi @exception-rambler,
Do you still need beta testers for your SurveyJS plugin? I’d like to participate or become a client if the plugin is out of beta. Thanks