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Oh God. Please let us turn off the new editor tooltips

Starting to over-engineer…



Pretty sure everyone knows what the forward/backwards buttons do in an editor.

Pretty standard UI.

Or at least shorten it to “Undo/Redo”

It’s getting cluttered

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Yup. When I saw it for the first time, the “nobody” meme immediately came to mind.

Like literally no one:
Bubble: Hey there! You sure look like you could use some help understanding this thing that isn’t actually confusing. No, really, let us help you with that! Yes, we know you only rolled over it for like half a second on your way to something else, but we really can help you here. No? You sure? Well, okay. How about if we help you with this other thing over here then!

I kid, Bubble… but, you know, still. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was ok with this at first, but now I click on them on accident so many times it’s getting a little too much. @bubble, can we rethink this please? :blush:


Only saw this after posting my own rant just now. I agree 100%!

Lose the tooltips or make them an option!


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On top of being annoying and distracting, they’re actually somewhat buggy. I’ve noticed that a reference page often opens even when I don’t click on a tooltip. It’s like the tooltip is invisible or something but the click handler is active. Super annoying!


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@bubble, can we get these turned off by default please. Just awful UX.


I must have accidentally opened the reference manual about 30 times in the past two hours alone thanks to this new feature - getting super annoying now!!

It’s 2017 again, apparently.

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A quick heads up - we’re rolling this back for now and will re-evaluate in the new year: PLEASE make tooltips an option (Stop the insanity!) - #9 by allenyang