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Hi guys,

Recently I launched Oiga, the first design and task management solution tailored for design teams. Well I have now transformed our platform into a true all in one solution for designers by building the platform into a CRM.

This means designers will be able to use the same platform (ours) from the prospecting/lead gen phase of client selling, reach out to them by html email natively in Oiga, track responses, create custom sales funnels and drag/drop deals through their funnel, manage clients, then create projects under clients, manage all of their design assets, branding, colours, fonts, tasks and subtasks, hours budgets everything they could ever want, and finally invoice their client all in one platform. This replaces the current disjointed market where you need 4-5 softwares to do everything my platform does. It truly is the first all in one project and client solution for design agencies and freelancers.

Ive attached some screenshots of the very early internal version of the CRM which will be coming very soon!

PS. Thats not Tim Cook’s real email :wink:

Check out Oiga currently at www.oiga.io



Sounds like a great concept. And, well done on the site design. Really like the feel.

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Thank you! Happy so far, iteration is very quick built the CRM in about 20 hours so far. Still a long way to go before launch of the CRM

Registration doesn’t work, any news on this business? Roadmap hasn’t been updated since may 2018.

Oiga was acquired in 2018 :slight_smile:

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How do you make your UI and stuff? is it just using bubble or do you use SVG and images?

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Hi there,

I only use Bubble elements, SVGs just for logos etc :slight_smile:

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Ok hmm. I find using bubble kinda stressful from a design point of view. I basically use SVG for everything now. It makes adding cool little touches a little easier.