Old Bug is still present - Blank Data Fields based on Browser Zoom

I’m one of those people that has his browser with a 110% zoom.

I realized that when I create a new thing, the record gets created but it has all its fields empty/ in blank.

And after doing some research I found that the issue is with having a zoom in your brower.

  • when a user creates a field having a brower zoom of more than 100% nothing gets recorded even when you put the Brower back to 100% zoom. You will see the record on your data base but all its fields will be empty

Here is another post on the forum about it.

Data no showing in “App Data”

Hmm. The zoom issue with the App Data tab is a UI thing—I feel like there may be an issue with how you’re recording things from the front-end.

Try manually creating a record from the App Data tab to see if anything is created and is visible. If that works, then I’d check your setup.

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