On Hobby Plan, does repeating group load data slower?

Hi, I’m on Hobby Plan.

On my database I have a thing call “Post” each post consisting of a list of images, and a few text fields.

Right now I only have less than 30 Posts.
However, when I try to show it on Repeating Group(All of them, no filters), it takes too much time to download.

I had this notification from Bubble,
“Your page has downloaded more than 2.9 megabytes of data via searches. This can slow down your app, you could look into simplifying it to download less data.”

I’m curious if it is faster on paid plan, with this very small amount of data without any filtering?

This makes me afraid of upgrading my plan.

Any helps would be thankful.

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Hi John,

The reason it does that is because it’s not just loading the Post, but all the images associated and data attached to the post.

So, if you have 30 posts with 3 images, then it’s loading 90 images. Then assuming they are uncompressed images, that’s why it takes a little while.

To fix, only load the posts you need to at that exact time, for example using Vertical Scroll instead of Full list will only load a few posts that are in the viewport (visible) then it will auto-load others as the user scrolls.

In answer to your question, larger plans won’t really change this as they are geared more towards scaling up your server load caused by complex operations or multiple simultaneous users which it sounds like you don’t have yet.

Therefore you’ll want to focus more on the efficiency of your app and the way it accesses data, as oppose to your plan at the moment.

That being said, being on a Paid plan will be necessary for connecting your domain and getting the most out of bubble.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much for your advice! I’ll try and implement it.

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No problem!

Hi, I have tried your advice however, it doesn’t speed up the loading time significantly.

Recently, I just found the reason why it slows down so much by trial and error.

I use Croppie plugin to crop image. Before this, when I saved cropped images to my database, I used Croppie’s Preview instead of Croppie’s Result Image to save image data. When I loaded repeating group with database that contains cropped images, it took significantly much longer.

Just change from Croppie’s Preview to Croppie’s Result Image to save image data, now, my repeating group load data and show it instantly. It’s like night and day.

Anyway, thanks for your advice again! Really appreaciate it because I also overlooked The Full List option vs Vertical Scrolling, as I didn’t think it could affect load time. Now, I’ll take that in mind in the future.

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Thanks for sharing your solution.

I have a bit of an off-topic question. I noticed you use a thing called Posts with Text and Images in the thing. How do you (or your users) create these posts?

So far I’ve used rich text editors, but they include the text and images in the same data field, which causes the same slow loading that you mention.