On Index Page and Go to Index in flow - Resets what?

I’m a bit confused about the following:
I’m on the Index page of a multipage site.
I have state elements set.
I have a Do only once event.
In one of the flows in the Index page I have a Go to Index.
I know that when I’m on a different page and I navigate back to Index, all the state elements and Do only once events reset, which is fine.
However, when I’m on the Index page, and one of the Index page’s flows has a Go to Index, what happens to state elements and the Do only once event. Do they still reset?

Have you tried it to see?

I have, but I’m getting some unexpected things happen I don’t know if it’s because the Do only one time is being reset or not, as I’m also wrestling with some timing issues.

Ok, I created a little test site and here is what I found:
If on Index page, I go to Index, then both state elements and Do only once events do not get reset. Please let me know if you think otherwise.

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