On Off Radio Button Format as a Bubble

Im trying to figure out how to create an on off option like a radio button but I want the format to be like a bubble/button. Ive tried conditions like when this button pressed bold. This was just a test to see if I could make something happen. Any help to create something like below. Thank you and Merry Christmas.


Hi there, @jason33… using the is pressed operator wouldn’t work for something like what you are showing because that operator means a button is literally being pressed and held. One way to do what you described is to make use of either a list field or a custom state list, and when an item is clicked (with the items likely coming from an option set and being shown in a repeating group), add it to the list (or remove it from the list if it is already in the list). Then, you can use a condition to say when the list contains the current cell’s item, make the item bold.

Hope this helps.


Reuseable element which contains a property for the Option Set / data type you’re pulling the list of options from

Inside RE, set up the button. Have a custom state on the RE ‘isChecked’. Depending on your use case you may also want an isCheckedByDefault property so you can set the isChecked state on page load within the reusable element.

When this RE is clicked, set state isChecked of this RE to This RE’s isChecked is no.

Thank you both, Ive been using Bubble for 2 weeks and still learning. Ill see what I can make of the information. Ive watched several videos covering Bubble and some of this makes sense.