Onboarding flows for users

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Wondering how others are administering on-boarding flows/pop-ups/notifications within the app via Bubble, and not a third party service.

For example, i’d like to send a pop-up to a user who signs up, once - and then a different pop up each time they login (requesting them to sign an agreement).

What I don’t want to do is cause any additional load issues with the app constantly checking if that user has seen the first one, etc.

Just wondering if the most appropriate setup would be to create a new data type called ‘Analytics’ and try and increment the number of sign ups (1) and/or logins, to administer the pop ups based on user actions, or if there is a smarter way to do this?

Here’s how I handle the onboarding:
Each screen has a series of “quick tour” group focuses. I simply have a field in the user type for each screen called screen1tour, screen2tour etc. Its a yes/no.
The workflow shows the tour on screen 1 if screen1tour = yes. Once screen1tour is complete, the workflow is set to no.

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 5.39.34 PM

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 5.39.44 PM

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Here’s how I approached this, I’m guessing it’s similar to what you had in mind.

Create a data type called “Event” with fields “Type” and “Data”. I give each user a list of events.

When a user visits a page I create an event with the type “PageView” and data “page name”.

If I ever need to do display a popup based on past user behavior I just check on page load for the count of events with the type “PageView” and data “page name”. It might not be the most efficient way to do it, but I wanted to avoid having a bunch of variables like “has finished popup1”. It also scales to tracking other actions.

Thank you Canon, I think I’ll continue down this path. I like the idea of being able to use this information in the future, so this seems to make the most sense for my need. I was just a little worried about searching each time, and causing page / speed issues.

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Thank you SerPounce, I like how you’ve set this up for onboarding. I think I’ll use a hybrid of Canon’s suggestion, and yours for some onboarding work!

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