Onboarding process in my app

Guys, I’ve watched several videos about databases, but my question is so basic that I haven’t found the answer (even here in the questions on the forum).

My system has two fields on its Home page, which are inputs for an API call.

The next screen is where I create the user. The third screen is where I capture the user’s company info.

The API works… but I’m having trouble associating:

  • the input (from the home page) with the user (in the “user” table)

  • the input (from the home page) with the “idea” table, for example

  • the input (from the home page) with the “production” table, for example, along with the result of the API call

  • the user’s company from the “company” table with the user themselves.

Below are the correlations in my database:

  • user → idea (1-n)
  • user → production (1-n)
  • idea → production (1-n)
  • user → company (n-n)

(where “n” is treated as a List of Things)

So far, everything seems to make sense, all good.

My problem is that I can individually save the data in each table, but I can’t effectively connect them to each other.

In the onboarding, I can generate the user and associate the user with the company, but I can’t associate the company with the user, for example.

I’m sure it’s something simple, but I really can’t find the solution.

Thank you for any help…

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