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Once Bubble app is finished, is it possible to publish app on App store & Google Play store?

hi all, I am totally new to this and no coding or programming knowledge… so after I have figured it all out and built my app with Bubble, can I publish it on the App store and Google Playstore? and if yes, can I charge for it on the App and Google play store? Thanks for the help! Maybe a dumb question but I cannot find the answer on the website… Kind regards, Elianne

Hi, currently bubble is for webapps.
A webapp can be accessed from a desktop browser or a mobile browser.

Not however from the app store (Neither Apple or Google). So this is currently not possible with Bubble. Another company, adalo offers this although it is currently just available for quite basic concepts, unlike Bubble which allows for lots of customization.

At one point Bubble did have this in the pipeline (and probably they still do), to allow you to create a native app, but there are services that have been created by third parties that turn your Bubble webapp into an android/iphone App. Search the forum for native app; )

Hello @elianneleeffers Elianne,

You have to build your Bubble app with responsive in mind as explained in this long to read post :slight_smile: 10 min. to build a FREE native app iOS and Android :large_blue_diamond:


Welcome to Bubble :partying_face:

thank you, really helpful!