Onduty and offduty(stampclock?)

I have no clue how to make this sound good but i will try :stuck_out_tongue:

i tried to find a clock stamp i think is called that
it saves the time you go on duty and when you go off duty it clock you out and saves it to the database and can show how many hours you been in service total, i tried to find something like it but no luck there so i wonder if someone can help me out and make this to a working thing :slight_smile:

Hi there, @dannehj… a similar question was asked a few days ago… maybe the response to that question could help you get down a path?

If that doesn’t get you anywhere, maybe you could share details about how you want yours to work so that a more specific/targeted response would be possible.


almost was the thing i needed

so how i hope to get it to work is like this

person goes on duty on a diff page after they have logged in, put in ther number
then when the person goes off duty it make a stamp then count the total time and output it so it can be checket on a diff page

It’s still not clear how you want to go about creating the stamps, so I made an example that will hopefully help you get down a path.

First, I have a super simple interface where an employee can select their employee number and then click a button to go on duty…


To facilitate this interface, I added an employee number field to the User data type, and I added a Time Stamp data type that looks like this…


When a user selects their employee number and clicks the On Duty button, I create a record in the Time Stamp data type with this workflow…

When a user selects their employee number and clicks the Off Duty button, I update the time stamp record that was created above with this workflow…

… and now I have a record with a total time value that I can “check on a different page” (whatever that means to you).

Note that you would probably want to use conditions on the On Duty and Off Duty buttons so that a user who is currently off duty can only click the On Duty button and vice-versa.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got… hope it helps.


that was the thing i needed thank mate :smiley:

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when i got this tropic open

when you close your browser can i do so a popup comes up and shows a reminder to logout before you close the browser

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